Why God Allows Evil to Happen


          With the church shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas, once again I hear people ask, “Why would an all knowing, all powerful God allow something like that to happen?” The answer is very simple. God not only makes laws but he also obeys them. That means he keeps his word and honors every single promise that he has ever made, like the one where he promised to mankind and the children of mankind complete authority and control over the earth and everything on the earth. (Genesis 1:28) (Psalms 115:16) This is a shared dominion which he gave to all the peoples of the earth and it is an unrestricted authority and dominion, which permits the freedom to choose between good and evil. Mankind has struggled with that choice ever since it was given to him or her by their creator. So, you see, the fault does not lie with God, but with mankind.

Wayne Wade