Pat Mclaughlin’s Description of 1/18th A Company Fire Fight on Oct. 30, 1967

30 October 1967

Charlie Company had weapons to clean and resupplies of ammo and grenades to secure. We hoarded extra of both as no one believed that this fight was over. Alpha Company moved out on patrol south and southwest of the NDP. Shortly after noon all hell broke loose with small arms, ours and theirs, firing hard and fast. Delta Company was committed to the fight and Dogface 6 called in artillery and tactical air support. The fight lasted for several hours.

Back at the NDP Charlie Company guys spread out, filling in the positions around the perimeter in case the enemy attempted to assault the Dogface position during the battle.

The 165th NVA Regiment had come back, this time in battalion strength to avenge the beating inflicted upon one of its companies the day before. As they had done on the 29th, the NVA had utilized the irrigation trenches and the fighting was intense and at close quarters. Division after action reports describe 83 enemy soldiers killed. Dogface casualties were 4 killed in action and 5 wounded. This battle is referred to as “Srok Silamlite II.”

The brass throughout Division and above now all clearly understood that the enemy had stuck around Loc Ninh in order to pick a fight with the Big Red One.